Rachel Renna is a full-time freelance Makeup & Hair Artist with over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Wedding Vacations Magazine

Check out this awesome flipbook of my most recent contribution to Wedding Vacations Magazine by Sunwing!

Wedding Vacations Magazine

Wedding Vacations Magazine

We traveled to the Dominican Replublic and shot in the gorgeous Chic Hotel and Resort with NFL player, Jonathan Bernier, and his hotty model/fiance (now-wife) and mother-of-his-child Martine Forget!

This was an unforgettable experience with an amazing crew, including Contributing Editor Jessica Mulroney, hairstylist extraordinaire Ryan Dowell and Photographer Camilla Pucholt.

Pay special attention to my work on the following pages:

p. 4 Makeup for Jessica Mulroney

p. 10 Table of Contents Makeup & Hair for Martine Forget

p. 14  Introduction to the Glam Team

p.20-27 Makeup for Martine Forget & Jonathan Bernier

p. 90-95 Makeup for Jessica Mulroney, Martine Forget & Alyshia (model)

p.96-101 Makeup & Hairstyling for Martine Forget & Jonathan Bernier

p.102-111 Makeup for Alyshia & Michael Del Zotto

p. 146 Michael Zel Zotto Feature

p. 252 My personal interview and FEATURE! Check it out!