Rachel Renna is a full-time freelance Makeup & Hair Artist with over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Makeup Theory

A professional makeup application should be a seamless transition where the beholder wouldn’t be able to identify where the skin finished and makeup began; this “anti-cake face” approach is ideal for brides as they need to look amazing not only from afar but from up close.

High definition photography and videography makes it even more important to ensure a natural and flawless finish – and my attention to detail and meticulous application has been noted by my clients as well as those behind the camera lens.

Hair Theory

“Freestyle” formal styling is a technique that I use for down-styles and updo’s alike and involves strategic placement of every strand to flatter the cut, colour and proportions of my clients.

I rarely opt into using ponytails to base updo styles as I find it inhibits the amount of fullness and flow of the texture within the style, however, I pride myself in my ability to think outside of the box when creating hair effects and in my ability to recreate any style – either as identically as their hair will allow or to personally combine styles for my clients and create a beautiful amalgamation of their ideas/vision with my own creative twist!