Rachel Renna is a full-time freelance Makeup & Hair Artist with over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Halloween FUN!

As a makeup artist, you can imagine that people have quite high expectations for me on Halloween – and it’s the one day of the year that I can go buck wild on myself for once!

So I’ve compiled some images in the slideshow above to show you some of the fun (and outrageous) character’s that I have experimented with, for your viewing pleasure :)

1. Katy Perry

2. Kat Von D

3. Tiger

4. Barbie

5. Bride of Frankenstein

6. Sean Paul


Want to see MORE you say?


You can bet that my boyfriend was forced to partake in the Halloween festivities as well…so as an avid fan of The Walking Dead, last year we gore’ed him up and I was his Zombie Bait!




Then, for an impromptu outing we made him Charlie Chaplin and I painted on doll eyes and was a Barbie (not recommended – I had to walk around all night with my eyes closed!)




This year, I had the pleasure of doing four Halloween makeups in one sitting and made my boyfriend FRANKENSTEIN and I was his bride :)  He was sweating bullets all night with a prosthetic forehead and green grease paint from head to toe and I massacred my hair with filler and teasing like you wouldn’t believe.  But I won 1st place in a Halloween hair competition on Instagram from Indie Hair and they sent me their whole line of products = worth it!!!




Our two girlfriends did a dead bride/groom duo, so I whipped out a super smokey & sparkly makeup look like this:




My most hilarious costume had to have been the one that actually required the least makeup artistry and time BUT did require amazing fake stubble and body language to match!  Check me out at Sean Paul below! It’s quite embarrassing to say but I had everyone fooled.  I pulled off one heck of a dude! Oh man….




Still brainstorming next year…Feel free to send me your suggestions!!!